Master Jaden Splitrock

Cleric of Pelor, and a formidable warrior.


Jaden Splitrock was born to the Splitrock clan in the Exilarchy of Stone 125 years ago. She originally trained as one of the warriors protecting Dwevarhelvm. However, she was injured badly in a battle with some mountain trolls. Her life, and her right arm, were saved by a journeyman cleric of Pelor travelling through the warrior’s barracks; Hind Jaksum. She was never a religious person before this, but seeing the miraculous nature of the healing, she became entranced with the idea of the temple. She knew that the clerics of Pelor were as known for their fight against dark creatures as their healing abilities. She decided to leave her position as a Dwevargaurd, and travelled with Hind to join the Order of Pelor. It would not be the last time they worked together.

Jaden has been a member of the Pelorian priesthood for nearly sixty years, and has been a Master in the Tehlu’s Crossing temple for thirty of those. She is fairly easygoing most of the time, but when it comes time for her to take up arms in the name of Pelor, or when it comes to protecting the interests of the temple or the townsfolk, she can be a fierce warrior and a fierce negotiator. She mainly takes care of the aspects of temple business that require dealing with the various people and factions in the town. The internal affiars of the temple were left to the more taciturn Master Hind.

She gained her position as a Master after she led a successful rescue effort when the nearby town of Knott’s Landing was overrun by the Orcish Warlord Chorm. Her tactics allowed the group of Paladins and Clerics to drive them back, and she was able to confront and defeat Chorm himself in single combat.

She is a woman who has few close friends, her devotion to the temple leaving her little time to socialise. Within the temple, she was closest to her old friend and colleague; Hind, and to Brian Carter; her right hand man.

She stood at the front of the battle to protect the temple from Nathaniel’s undead, fighting for nearly twenty hours solid without rest. After, despite the grief of losing her friend Hind, she insisted on arranging a service for the dead, and a feast for the survivors. She knew that with the situation as grim as it was, such a victory needed to be exploited as much as possible in keeping morale high.

She has recently been following the career of Skirn closely, as well as the rest of the Bards. A Cleric of Many Cloths is not something that has been seen for many years, and little is known about them apart from half remembered legends.

Behind the Scenes

Jaden is an early example of the GM’s efforts to ensure that this is an equal opportunities fantasy setting. Other examples include the Lady Threpe (who has yet to truly show her claws) and Cardiana Hawklight. Eredhion and Neila are of course also prime examples.
The GM flipped a coin to decide if the battle outside the temple would kill Master Jaden of Master Hind. The coin chose the as yet unseen Master Hind. Despite the less dramatic impact of this, the GM was glad; he kind of likes Master Jaden.

Master Jaden Splitrock

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