Freakishly large goblin with a metallic mouthpiece


Sometimes, very rarely, a goblin is born that is larger, more muscled, brawnier by far than any ordinary goblin. Goblins call these goblins “K’Roll”, and they are trained from birth as fighters.

B’Rundi was one of these K’Roll. He was trained up as a superior fighter, and his prowess allowed his clan, which would later come to be known as the Glintblades, to prosper.

However, misfortune struck B’Rundi. The clan ran afoul of some Orcs on the road, and a fight broke out. Though he was able to drive them off, his lower jaw was shorn off. It was a grievous injury, and soon B’Rundi looked as if he was going to succumb to disease. It was then that a strange black robed human approached the clan. He offered to heal B’Rundi, and to make him a magical jaw that would strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. In return, he wanted the clan to take on a job. It was a well-paying job, which would load them down with much silver. But it must be discreetly done. It would be a long project. He wanted them to excavate a tunnel, deep underground.

The clan agreed, and the man worked his magic. Soon B’Rundi was healed. But he was proud of his fearsome new countenance, and so he stopped using the name B’Rundi. He took on the name Ironjaw instead, in common so that all races would know the name to fear!

It was later, when the excavation project was nearly finished, that he met his match in combat finally. The Bards fought against him in order to drive the goblins from the mine, and he fell to their weapons. This was the end of Ironjaw, and the end of B’Rundi.

…or so they thought. The man who had hired the goblins had other plans. He had placed subtle spells on B’Rundi when he healed him, and so when he died, the body was magically transported to him. This not only let him know that trouble was on its way, but gave him the chance to use his necromantic powers to turn Ironjaw into an enhanced revenant.

It was this version of Ironjaw that the bards faced in the tomb under the city, and with his second defeat causing the messy explosion of most of his upper body, it was truly the end of Ironjaw.

Behind the Scenes

Ironjaw’s concept was based off of the character of Irontooth in the Keep on the Shadowfell 4th Edition D&D adventure module. Ironjaw is larger though.
Ironjaw’s re-use as a more powerful, undead, version came about because a way was needed to establish the necromancer’s powers as a credible threat.
Most of his backstory was made up after the fact. The iron jaw was always intended to have been given to him by Nathaniel though.


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