Count Irwin Threpe

Influential nobleman, resides in Tehlu's Crossing.


The party met Count Threpe at the soiree held by Marquess Jovie Hart.

He is a well respected, fairly wealthy member of the nobility. He owns a manor and some land in and around Tehlu’s Crossing. In his youth, he was an adventurer, and travelled for some time with Tanis. He is well liked among both the nobility and the townsfolk, and is good friends with the mayor. He also has investments in a number of business interests around the city, including the Bards’ Respite. The status and wellbeing of these investments is unknown following the undead attack on Tehlu’s Crossing.

His wife Countess Drusilla Threpe, and adopted son Nathaniel Threpe turned out to be traitorous, and abandoned him after Nathaniel made an attempt on his life with poison. He was saved by the quick actions of the Flaming Bards, and entered a period of recovery.

He has since become firm friends with the Bards, however, recent events have thrown his wellbeing into question, and it is suspected he may have been brainwashed, subject to mind control, or replaced with doppleganger, changling, or simulacra. His whereabouts since the beginning of the undead attack are unknown, as is his status.

Behind the Scenes

The name of this character was taken from the novel ‘Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss. In terms of character, they’re not much alike though.
The GM always pictures his appearance as being Henry VIII as played by Sean Connery. The players should be thankful he didn’t try to voice him like Sean Connery.
Had the PCs failed to save Threpe from poisoning, they would have had to stage a jailbreak in order to find evidence to prove themselves innocent. Some of this unused sequence was worked into the section where they faked their capture in order to infiltrate the lair of the Crimson Knuckles.

Count Irwin Threpe

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