Brian Carter

Young cleric of Pelor


The only child of a midwife and a retired lumberjack, Brian joined the Pelorian order at the age of sixteen, due to a love of helping others, and his naturally outgoing and cheerful disposition. Though he’s not the brightest of men, he’s well liked both in the temple and by many around the town.

Now 23, he has not advanced far in the ranks of the temple, though he is often trusted with tasks above his actual station. He gets on particularly well with Master Jaden. His healing powers are advanced, and well above what would usually be seen in one so young. His progress in the temple is hampered by his relatively weak combat skills, and his unwillingness to leave his family behind so he may journey to other temples. He says he is content as he is.

He first encountered the party when Eredhion and Belgevain came looking to recruit a cleric into their mercenary venture. Skirn he already knew from around the temple, though they had not interacted much. He would come across the Bards on their later visits to the temple; when they came to report the events that had taken place in Tehlu’s tomb, when they came in with the poisoned Count Threpe, their search of the temple library for information on Mortborne and other occasions.

During the invasion of the city by Content Not Found: nathaniel-threpe-1 undead forces, Brian was among the priests who fought to protect the temple. When the Bards arrived and were confronted by the undead Beholder, Brian was among the last to retreat into the temple, and was able to heal the Bards with his clerical powers.

Behind the Scenes

Brian was created almost solely for the purpose of having a likeable character the GM could kill off if needed. Had the PCs failed the skill check during the battle with the undead outside the temple, he would have been killed. Whether he remains safe in the future is yet to be seen…
Brian is not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.

Brian Carter

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