The Forgotten City

Making a Name for Themselves

Tehlu's Crossing is introduced to The Flaming Bards

It wasn’t long before the three started on making an impression in the town. Upon seeing some drunken sailors harassing a young barmaid, the ever noble trio gave them a six fisted reminder of just why ‘no’ means ‘no’. After leaving the unruly seamen on the floor of the bar, they turned their attention to the young girl, making sure she was okay. The girl; Becky, was Totsie’s niece, and in thanks for their timely intervention, the trio were treated to some free drinks, and a few weeks free lodging. Totsie turned out to be particularly fond of Becky, and thus very thankful. Rumours that she was seen giving the sailors a few heavy whacks with an iron skillet before tossing them into the river to bring them back round remain unconfirmed.

It was at this point that the legend was born, as the group were, at Totsie’s urging, tasked with coming up with a name for their adventurer-for-hire group. While much of the group’s early exploits are shrouded in mystery and misinformation, with wild rumours of everything from Belgevain having killed his own parents, to Eredhion having used to be a man, one thing remains the same, and that’s the name they chose that day. A name that would one day strike fear and confusion into people everywhere; The Flaming Bards. Why did they choose that name? While fire has been their calling card more than once, musical talent, sadly, has not. We may never know why, but this is the name history holds for them nonetheless.

The newly named Bards were not slow in finding more work for themselves, and a man named Kevin Rogers was the one to provide it. His father had recently died in a milling accident, leaving him saddled with his father’s debts to a rather unsavoury group of characters. He hired the Bards to go get the gang off his back, one way or another.

After making their way to the gang’s backstreet headquarters, the Bards decided that making a grand entrance would be to their advantage. Belgevain used his arcane powers to great effect, setting the door on fire, before blowing it backwards into the room. The fight that followed was short, bloody, and one-sided. As a result, the gang no longer operates. Most of the members no longer operate either.

This was probably the first time the Bards became a blip on the radar of the people of Tehlu’s Crossing, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. The Bards were about to make quite a splash, and it would all come about thanks to Grundbar Longwhiskers, and his seemingly simple request…

Behind the Scenes

Kevin and Kenneth Rogers are named after Kenny Rogers, who sang “The Gambler” among other songs. The quest itself revolves around gambling debts.
The gang was named The Red Coin Gang, and worked for the Crimson Knuckle organisations. This connection didn’t become known until later, and the gang’s name was never mentioned in-game.


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