The Forgotten City

Entering Tehlu's Crossing

From humble beginnings...

Travelling mercenaries Eredhion and Belgevain had been on the road for some time. A little down on their luck, they were hoping to find a cleric willing to travel with them. A journeyman cleric would do much to enhance their survivability. They entered the town of Tehlu’s Crossing during a busy market day. A quick look around the stalls turned up nothing of note, but their attention was drawn by a nearby vendor running a game of chance. It was a simple game, consisting of finding a coin under one of several cups after she had finished moving them. The sharp eyed pair spotted that she was in fact cheating with some clever sleight of hand, and exposed her to the crowd and guards, leading to her arrest.

They decided to head straight to the Temple, hoping to conclude their business of finding a new adventuring companion quickly. They reached the temple quickly enough, and headed over to the entrance, where they were greeted by the friendly young cleric Brian. He told them that Masters Jaden and Hind were in charge of this temple, and he would go fetch one of them, as only a Master could authorise a cleric’s services.

They talked with Master Jaden, and after she ascertained their intentions, were told that there was in fact a journeyman cleric in the temple for whom she felt this would be good experience. Thus they were introduced to the newest member of their group; Skirn Eirgrunnr. After some introductions, and some farewells, the three headed off to find themselves some lodgings within the city.

Before they could get very far though, they were beset upon by five brutish men, who demanded the group’s money and valuables. This proved to be a mistake. The party demonstrated their prowess in combat, and made short work of the men. Before continuing on their way, they noticed that the men each bore a small tattoo of a red fist on their necks, though none of the three knew what significance, if any, this had.

Returning to the market square, a few inquiries led them to consider a couple of inns in the area; The Eagle and Child and The Moon Under Water. Further questioning revealed The Moon Under Water to have a better reputation, and so the three headed there.

Upon arriving at the inn, they found the owner to be a genial, but hardy, woman named Totsy. A little bargaining later, and they had found themselves lodging for the time being. They also found that the men who attacked them were likely members of a local gang called the Crimson Knuckles that had been stirring up trouble. All that remained now was to start looking for work…

Behind the Scenes

The town of Tehlu’s Crossing is named after a revered cleric within the game’s universe. He himself though is named after a religous figure in the book series “The Kingkiller Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss.
The woman running the scam was in fact part of the gang the Bards took out later on behalf of Kevin Rogers. This never came up in-game though, nor did her name; Ella Drisk.
As the first combat of the campaign, each of the thugs was graced with a name, some of which were mentioned during the battle;
The brothers; Lars and Tweed
The bald one; Sorkvild (named after a necromancer in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)
The red-head; Bump
The leader; Charlie
The red fist tattoo marked them as members of the Crimson Knuckles, a gang which would come up again later. The gang was named the Crimson Fists originally, but it was changed to make it sound less generic. The players, and even sometimes the DM, proceeded to get the name wrong all the time anyway.
The inn’s name “The Moon Under Water” is named after a fictitious ‘perfect pub’ described by George Orwell in an essay. “The Eagle and Child” is the name of a pub in Oxford where writers such as Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to meet.


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